Inform and Act

by GitHub

GitHub’s Statement

on the recent travel and immigration Executive Order

Each and every day, we see the power of what can be built through diverse and open communities, both in the digital world and in the real world. The collective creation of our future depends on inclusion and diversity. We believe in fostering a spirit of unity and are opposed to the discrimination or barring of anyone solely based on religious beliefs or national identity.

One of our greatest strengths is our diverse, global workforce. Artificial geographic constraints on hiring translate to artificial constraints in the diversity and skill of our employees, which in turn impact our ability to meet the needs of our products, our customers, and our community.

This is true even as a domestic matter, let alone a global one. We need to look outside of Silicon Valley for the future generations of developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. GitHub has committed to training people of all types—including from low-income and underrepresented communities—not only how to code, but how to participate in the future that we dream of and deserve.

Coding languages are universal, transcending spoken languages, cultures, nationalities, and religious beliefs. We are proud that the GitHub community hails from around the globe, and we will always stand up to defend that diversity.

From our CEO & Co-founder, Chris Wanstrath

Join Us in Donating to CAIR

CAIR logo

GitHub has selected to make a gift to an organization that is supporting those directly impacted by this Executive Order. We encourage the open source community to join us in supporting this organization by donating today.

We have made a $25,000 gift to CAIR CA, the largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. CAIR has led the charge on numerous legal fronts, including filing complaints against the targeting and enhanced screening of Muslim community members coming home to the U.S. from travel overseas.

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The open source community has a history of generosity and civic engagement. Below, you can find some open source projects that serve the people most affected at this time. Your time and skills are needed now.


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